Plan, Manage & Collaborate right from your WordPress Dashboard

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WP Nakama brings all your content, tasks, sprints, teammates and strategies together, right in the WordPress dashboard.

WP Nakama increases your productivity and brings agility in your work.



Segregate all the tasks and teams for better management



Break your big projects in small and easy to achieve micro tasks for better productivity, and collaboration

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Teams who work together with clarity achieves more. WPNakama helps you to collaborate better to make you achieve more.

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Timely delivery needs on-time efforts and right planning.

For the people going back and forth between WordPress and other apps for daily work done and collaboration.

For Editorial Teams

Handle Ideation & Content Calendar

Handle your content strategy, editorial calendar & Ideations right from the wordpress dashboard.

For WordPress Developers

Project Management

Keep your tasks in order, deadlines in track and team members in sync.

For Marketing Teams

Manage Marketing Campaigns

Marketing teams who plan in advance, keep clear goals and talk with clarity achieve more.

WP Nakama is a work-in-progress….
Many more features are in the making.

File attachments
Coming Soon

File Attachments

Run a blog, list job openings, or manage your event schedule.

multiple board views
Coming Soon

Multiple Board Views

Visually structure your pages and link to them easily.

Team Communication
Coming Soon

Team Communication

Build lightning-fast, globally optimized sites.

Coming Soon


Use effects like Transforms and Parallax scrolling.

Assign Team member
Coming Soon

Assign Team member

Connect your site to the most popular apps out there.

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What is WP Nakama?

WP Nakama is a WordPress plugin that unifies your content, tasks, teammates, and strategies all under your WordPress dashboard.

How do I install WP Nakama?

Simply download the plugin from the WordPress plugins directory and enable it on your WordPress website.

Does WP Nakama offer team features?

Yes, WP Nakama is built to accommodate and enhance team productivity.

How do I contact WP Nakama support?

We're just an email away. Reach us at for any queries or assistance.

A management tool right into your WordPress dashboard